Senior Vice President/Research

Kevin Frankovich

In 2018, Kevin Frankovich, founder and chief executive officer of CGR Associates, Inc., joined forces under the Celero banner to provide market research and acquisition search services to clients in the government contracting sector.

With 30 years of experience in the nation’s capital, from his service as a legislative assistant on Capitol Hill to his work with CGR Associates, Frankovich offers expertise in procurement trends and historical and real-time knowledge of the $500-billion-a-year federal marketplace.

Kevin Frankovich is an expert in federal market data and analytics, providing clients with detailed information and insight critical to opportunity/pipeline development, merger and acquisition strategies, and other marketplace needs. He and his team access and utilize a uniquely broad range of sources to offer coherent and usable intelligence to clients in a highly competitive and complex industry.

With the market research team, Frankovich helps companies find current opportunities in the marketplace and identify procurements long before a federal agency implements a program. He helps clients analyze specific markets, conceptualize an approach to capture new business, understand the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, and cultivate relationships with agency and Hill staff to gain insight into short-term and long-term market forecasts.

In addition to marketplace research, Frankovich assists clients with acquisition search services, leveraging his firm’s government contract database to help them identify, qualify, and approach the right M&A targets. He has a track record of success helping clients develop acquisition criteria, screen candidates, and connect with companies before they hit the marketplace. The result: Proprietary deals that produce the best fit for all companies involved.